The SpiroVent Superior, a fully automatic vacuum degasser has a fully electronic control system. The Superior offers numerous options, allowing users to achieve optimal energy efficiency, maintain a healthy water heating system, and save on costs.

The benefits of the SpiroVent Superior vacuum degasser

  • Removes all gases, free air, microbubbles and dissolved gases
  • Absorptive fluid ensures the removal of trapped gas bubbles
  • Energy-efficient whilst still achieving the lowest possible gas concentration
  • Degassed (re)filling and sustained pressure
  • Warns before (re)filling becomes excessive
  • An extensive range for a wide variety of systems
  • Can team up with all common expansion systems
  • Two-year guarantee
Our vacuum degassers use the principle of Henry's law to degas your system

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The positioning and use of a vacuum degasser in the system

Since a Superior uses depressurization for dissolved gasses removal, the position isn’t that crucial.  A vacuum degasser should be used for systems:

  • with many branches and a low flow velocity or
  • systems with a small temperature differential, or
  • where an inline air deaerator cannot be installed, or
  • where it cannot be predicted where gases are released from the water or
  • when that point has a very low flow rate.
The Spirotech SpiroVent Superior S250

The NEW SpiroVent Superior S250

The SpiroVent Superior S250 has been designed for light commercial applications, in other words, for small-volume systems. Adding this product expands the degassing family, so that we can accommodate the growing demand from new systems which operate at lower temperatures. As the SpiroVent Superior family becomes increasingly comprehensive, our customers do not need to compromise in selecting the perfect solution for the systems they encounter.

Some advantages of the new Superior S250:

  • Smooth & silent (only 41 dB(A) degassing operation
  • Low defect rate & replacement costs
  • Low service & maintenance necessary
  • High degassing performance

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