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maximising performance

Next generation ready-to-use insulation sets from Spirotech

Spirotech is equipping its deaerators and dirt separators with new, ready-to-install insulation sets in a new Spirotech design.

Right product for a long time. Right now.

Heating, cooling and air conditioning systems are complex, especially when integrated with other systems and processes, making fault-finding, analysis and problem solving especially challenging. Spirotech's experts would like to share their insights and offer an overview of common symptoms, causes and remedies.

Expert in system water quality


Spirotech is the number-one specialist in the field of fluid conditioning in closed systems.


Protect your investments from air corrosion with SpiroVent products.

Dirt separation

No chance for dirt, when SpiroTrap is installed in your system.

Focus on efficiency

Spirotech products and services for optimal system efficiency.

The leading expert

Spirotech is the market leader in system water conditioning, analysis for HVAC and process systems. An international operating company with immense growing potential in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our product range and expertise will help you significantly improve system performance, energy saving and optimize every installation.

Customer satisfaction: guaranteed

SpiroLife 20

On all standard Spirotech brass products with operational temperatures up to 110°C.

SpiroLife 5

On steel products and on brass products with operational temperatures in excess of 110°C.

SpiroLife 2

On SpiroVent Superior vacuum degassers.

News and events

Biggest ever SpiroCross is a world record breaker

1 year ago

Spirotech's biggest ever SpiroCross has been installed in the Ukraine. The enormous dirt and air separator, some 10.8 metres tall and with a dry weight of an impressive 15 tons, was designed and engineered to fit inside a newly-constructed grain drying plant.

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SpiroCross tops the menu for relaunched restaurant

2 years ago

When entrepreneurs chose to restore a derelict below ground restaurant to its former glory Spirotech’s combined deaerator and dirt separator SpiroCross proved ‘the perfect solution’ for its extensive underfloor heating system.

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Spirotech vacuum degassers helping Scotland’s oldest university

2 years ago

Spirotech vacuum degassers helping Scotland’s oldest university with ambition to become ‘carbon neutral’ for its energy usage

Highly efficient Spirotech vacuum degassers are helping Scotland’s oldest university with its ambition to become carbon neutral for its energy usage.

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