Combined  Air deaeration & Dirt separation

Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with water that is free of air and dirt. It is highly recommended to use a deaerator and dirt separator to ensure that the quality of the system water is optimized.

Spirotech has a range of products specially designed for the simultaneous removal of air and dirt. These remove air, microbubbles and dirt particles from system water continuously.

Eliminate air & dirt from your system water!

Our combined air deaeration & dirt separation product ranges take care of removing:

  • circulating air
  • microbubbles and
  • dirt particles > 5 µm from your systemwater.
Particle size Spirotech products

The positioning of the SpiroCombi in your system

The SpiroCombi should preferably be installed at the hottest point in the system. For a heating system, this is the point where the system water leaves the heater. In a cooling system, it should be installed in the return line, just before it enters the cooler.