Documentation for our SpiroVent Superior vacuum degassers

Below you find an overview of the manuals and product data sheets for our SpiroVent Superior vacuum degassers.

Manuals of our SpiroVent Superior models

SpiroVent Superior S250  SpiroVent Superior S10  SpiroVent Superior S16

Manuals for the SpiroVent Superior S400 and S600

Please check the article number on the side of the control unit to select the right manual.

Spirovent Superior S400:

  • Article number 61.439: Wifi is optional, using a dongle
  • Article number 75.144: Wifi is build-in

SpiroVent Superior S400 (61.439)  SpiroVent Superior S400 (75.144)

Spirovent Superior S600:

  • Article number 60.246: Wifi is optional, using a dongle
  • Article number 75.145: Wifi is build-in

SpiroVent Superior S600 (60.246)  SpiroVent Superior S600 (75.145)

Manuals for models, which are nog longer available:

SpiroVent Superior S4   SpiroVent Superior S6

Product Data Sheets of the SpiroVent Superiors

A = Degasser only | B = incl. Break tank | R = incl. Direct refill | I = incl. Insulation 

SpiroVent Superior S250

Type S250      
Article MV02A50      

SpiroVent Superior S400

Type S400 S400-B S400-R  
Article MV04A50 MV04B50 MV04R50  
Type S400-I S400-BI S400-RI  
Article MV04A50I MV04B50I MV04R50I  

SpiroVent Superior S600

Type Freq. S600 S600-B S600-R
Article 50 Hz MV06A50 MV06B50 MV06R50
  60 Hz MV06A60 MV06B60 MV06R60
Type Freq. S600-I S600-BI S600-RI
Article 50 Hz MV06A50I MV06B50I MV06R50I
  60 Hz MV06A60I MV06B60I MV06R60I
Type Freq. S600-L S600-BL S600-RL
Article 50 Hz MV06AL50 MV06BL50 MV06RL50
  60 Hz MV06AL60 MV06BL60 MV06RL60
Type Freq. S600-LI S600-BLI S600-RLI
Article 50 Hz MV06AL50I MV06BL50I MV06RL50I
  60 Hz MV06AL60I MV06BL60I MV06RL60I

SpiroVent Superior S10

Type S10A S10A-I    
Article MA10A50 MA10A50I    
Type S10R S10R-I    
Article MA10R50 MA10R50I    

SpiroVent Superior S16

Type S16A S16A-I    
Article MA16A50 MA16A50I    
Type S16R S16R-I    
Article MA16R50 MA16R50I