Protect your solar system

Nowadays, many homes are equipped with (actively cooled) solar panels to generate electricity. They can also be used for heating your tap water and your overall heating system. These are called hybrid solar panels.

Remove air under high pressure & temperature

In solar panels, heat is transferred via system water to your boiler or heating system. It is extremely important to ensure that no air is present in your system's water, especially for the delicate components including the cooling system for your panels.

Spirotech developed several products for air deaeration in your solar system and these can withstand the high temperature and pressure within a solar system.

Spirotech - Air removal in Solar Systems
At high temperatures, it is a challenge to get the air out and keep the system water in!
Spirotech solutions for Solar systems with AutoClose

Additional safety with the revolutionary AutoClose technology

As well as the standard SpiroTop & SpiroVent Solar, which withstands the high temperature (up to 180 °C) and operational pressure (up to 10 Bar), we also have the SpiroTop & SpiroVent Solar with the AutoClose system. This system was invented and patented by the experts at Spirotech.

The SpiroTop & SpiroVent Solar - AutoClose prevent the system water (with min. 20% and max. 50% glycol) evaporating when the temperature rises above the boiling point, thus,  there is no risk that the system will boil dry. The SpiroVent Solar - AutoClose, with vertical connections, can also be used to free your solar system from air.

Thanks to the AutoClose principle, solar installations can remain free of air permanently, increasing system efficiency

Our solutions for protecting solar systems