The quality of the water running through a heating or cooling system is crucial for the lifespan and efficiency of these installations.

When there is dirt and air in the water, you run the risk of failure and maintenance of your installation. It is therefore wise to have the 'system water' tested by a professional laboratory. In a lab, the system water is tested for 35 parameters that gives you results about the quality of the water. Based on the results, you will get detailed advice on the quality of the system water and the consequences for your HVAC system. If certain parameters are not within the norm, we always recommend taking measures to ensure the system continues to function without problems.

The 5 most important system water parameters

In the video below, you can see what the most important parameters are to assess the quality of system water. Clean system water means fewer malfunctions and less maintenance on your installation. Sensitive components are protected longer and even save energy.  

The 5 most important system water parameters

SpiroCare Water analysis & free whitepaper

Within our SpiroCare range, we offer two different analysis:

  • The Prolab Analysis is suitable for small residential installations. In this analysis, the water is tested for 11 parameters. You can easily take the water yourself and send it to the laboratory.
  • The System Analysis is suitable for larger utility installations that you find, for example, in a hospital, data centre or large office building. This analysis tests the water for 35 parameters.

We carry out our tests at our Prolab in Belgium. Here, our professionals test the quality of the system water. After the tests, you receive a full analysis report with recommendations. You can read how an analysis report is drawn up and which parameters are tested in the SpiroCare whitepaper.

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Request a water analysis today so you can improve the quality of your system water and adjust if necessary. All to optimising the performance of your installation.

Our team of professionals are ready to answer all your questions.

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Even more products available

In addition to system water analyses, we also offer water treatment products such as SpiroPure and SpiroPlus. These solutions are designed to prevent corrosion and scaling and reduce pollution. This ensures that the overall efficiency of the HVAC system is increased.

SpiroCare Water Chemistry

In both open and closed cooling and heating systems, water is one of the most important components of the installation. Often, the interchange between the water chemistry (such as the pH value, oxygen and calcium quantities), the mechanical components (pipes, radiators and heat exchangers) and the physical characteristics (such as pressure and temperature) of the installation is often insufficiently known or is underestimated. 

However, this can lead to problems with potentially poor heat transfer, mechanical failures, a high degree of maintenance or a shorter service life, which ultimately has a negative impact on the energy and operating costs. The water chemistry is an important component and requires knowledge of the principal properties of water and the potential effects, such as the formation of scale and corrosion.

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