How to keep your system in shape

In order to keep your HVAC system in shape, you need to ensure that the most important component of the system, the system water, remains healthy.

Water Quality regulations 

Many HVAC manufacturers will only offer you a warranty on their products when the (demineralized) system water is compliant with the regulations set in ISSO 13, VDI 2035 and DIN EN 1717.

According to these regulations the system water/fluid should be compliant to:

  • Electrical conductivity < 100 µS
  • pH value between 8.2 and 9.5
  • Hardness 0 °dH
Spirotech cares about the quality of system water

What you need to know about VDI 2035!

The VDI 2035 is a guideline regarding the design, installation, filling and maintenance of heating systems (< 100°C) in buildings.

Today’s energy efficient heating systems require a good heating water quality: small and compact heat exchangers are more sensitive to hardness and efficient pumps and valves are more sensitive to dirt.

Note that the warranty of the components in your heating system relies on the quality of your system water according VDI 2035!

Learn how you can protect your system according VDI 2035

Keep your system water 'healthy' with SpiroPure

Ensuring the right system water/fluid quality (demineralization) when you (re)fill the system is one thing, but maintaining the quality level during operations is another. Besides all other solutions from Spirotech, to keep air and pollution out of your system water, we developed SpiroPure, a set of tools to keep control of your system water/fluid and protect your system.

SpiroPlus to keep system clean and sealed

How to clean, seal and protect your system

SpiroPlus products are developed specifically for use in heating, cooling and process installations. Combined with our first-class hardware, SpiroPlus products improve and maintain the quality of the installation fluid and the efficiency of the entire installation process.

SpiroPlus – Protection from the inside

Our solutions for keeping the system water in shape