Hydraulic balancing

Our experts developed a solution, which is specially designed for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps in which a good hydraulic balance is required.

Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with system water that is free of air and dirt.

This is why we developed the SpiroCross, which not only ensures a good balance in your system, but also removes simultaneous & continuous air and dirt from the system water. So, the ideal 3-in-1 solution!

The new revolutionary SpiroCross AX-J

The new SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic balancer with air deaeration and magnetic dirt separation

Heating and cooling systems with a primary and secondary circuit or with separate groups and pumps, such as with underfloor heating or heat pumps, require optimum hydraulic balancing.

The experts of Spirotech developed the SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic balancer with dearation and dirt separation with magnet included.

Three functions in one device to save on purchasing costs, on space, performance, installation, and total system maintenance costs.

Discover the SpiroCross AX-J

The new SpiroCross, hydraulic balancer incl. air- and dirt separation (with a magnet)


The 3-in-1 combination

1. Air separation

The SpiroCross  has a deaerator which works non-stop to effectively remove circulating air and microbubbles from system water. At the heart of the SpiroCross is the Spirotube separation element, which ensures that microbubbles rise automatically.


2. Hydraulic balancing

The Spirotube technology ensures optimal liquid separation and mixing providing highly effective heating or cooling system that is perfectly balanced in flow and temperature.


3. (Magnetic) Dirt separation

The standard SpiroCross also removes dirt form your system during standard operation. The unique magnetic field booster technology in the new XC-M series even guarantees unprecedented fast, optimal dirt separation. Even the smallest magnetite particles are removed, maximising system performance as well as protecting costly system components. Thanks to the ingenious design, collected dirt can be removed quickly and easily.

Elimination of air & dirt from your system water!

Our combined hydraulic balancer with air deaeration & dirt separation not only ensures the right hydraulic balance in your system but also take care of removing:

  • circulating air,
  • microbubbles and
  • dirt particles > 5 µm from the systemwater.
Particle size Spirotech products

This is why your system needs SpiroCross

Optimal system performance

  • Spirotube technology for effective balancing & separation.
  • Unique magnetic field booster technology for efficient magnetic dirt separation.

Cost-effective solution

  • Save installation time & costs by installing 1 component instead of 3
  • Save space by combining hydraulic balancing, air and dirt separation.
  • Easy to maintain and service: no need to switch off or isolate the system.

Positioning & performance/operation

1 Heating system | 2 Primary circuit pump | 3 Secondary circuit pump
4 Expansion vessel | 5 SpiroCross XC-M | 6 Consumers

The new SpiroCross positioned in an installation