With SpiroTop Solar you can prevent free air to be collect in your system and blocking the flow. Next to that the SpiroVent Solar is removing even the smallest air bubbles out of your system to protect it against failures and break-downs. With the patented AutoClose option of Spirotech you can even protect your system from "boiling dry".

The benefits of the SpiroTop Solar and SpiroVent Solar

  • Removes free air / microbubbles, circulating and trapped air
  • Greatly reduces commissioning times
  • Minimal constant pressure drop
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Long lasting valve seat
Thanks to a patented invention, Spirotech offers deaerators for solar installations with an AutoClose function to prevent dry boiling

Be safe with AutoClose

As soon as the fluid temperature rises above its boiling point, the deaeration valve closes quickly and completely, preventing the escape of air and steam, and thereby the risk of the system boiling dry. When the temperature has dropped sufficiently, the valve is reopened for deaeration and the deaeration process is restarted.

This means permanent deaeration in the ideal location. Shut-off valves are now redundant. Thanks to the AutoClose principle, solar installations can remain free of air permanently, increasing system and energy efficiency and preventing all kinds of discomfort and complaints.

Spirotech Solar products with AutoClose

The benefits of SpiroTop Solar and SpiroVent Solar with AutoClose

  • Prevents stagnation
  • Solar fluid will not prematurely degenerate
  • System will not boil dry via the deaerator
  • No more climbing the roof to deaerate
  • Permanent air-free, efficient installation
  • Suitable for new and existing installations

Our range of air vents & deaerators for solar installations