SpiroPlus - Flushing agents and additivesSpiroPlus - Flushing agents and additives


SpiroPlus flushing agents and water additives are designed to bring and keep system fluid and the water system itself in top condition.

Today’s equipment is more sensitive to the make-up and quality of system water. Many manufacturers are even specifying water quality requirements as a precondition for their guarantees. SpiroPlus flushing agents and water additives are designed to bring and keep system fluid and the water system itself in top condition. SpiroPlus optimizes pressurization while solving and preventing potential deaeration and dirt separation problems, in both existing and newly constructed systems.

SpiroPlus Rapid Cleanse

Fast, efficient flushing of domestic heating systems

SpiroPlus RapidCleanse with its built-in high-powered magnet, drip tray, and isolating valves offers optimal removal of magnetite and other dirt. The patent-pending removable magnet enhances ease of use and operation with minimal mess. Thanks to the unique bypass function, the system can continue to circulate while the unit is being cleaned. The SpiroPlus RapidCleanse can be used in conjunction with a power flushing machine. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to the boiler using quick-release hoses, without shutting off the system during flushing.

The SpiroPlus RapidCleanse is supplied with all the necessary connectors and hoses, ready to use, and comes with a two-year guarantee. To remove every last trace of contamination, we advise using the unit in conjunction with SpiroPlus Mild Cleaner
or SpiroPlus Power Cleaner.

A full range of flushing agents

The SpiroPlus range offers flushing agents for specific actions as well as additives that remain active inside an installation. Whether you’re cleaning a water system prior to installation, want to protect it from frost, or remove dirt, contaminants, calcium, air or corrosion, Spirotech has a solution.

The full line of SpiroPlus fluids includes a mild cleaner and a power cleaner (both pH-neutral), a lime cleaner to tackle build-up from hard water, a sealant, a protector, and a wide range of anti-freeze and glycol mixtures. All these products ensure quality water systems and preserve fluid quality.

SpiroPlus - Flushing agents

Our assortment of flushing agents

  • SpiroPlus Mild Cleaner: Dirt dissolver (pH-neutral)
  • SpiroPlus Lime Cleaner: Descaler
  • SpiroPlus Power Cleaner: Extensive dirt dissolver
  • SpiroPlus Protector: Corrosion inhibitor
  • SpiroPlus Sealer:: Leak sealer
  • SpiroPlus Antifreeze HC: Frost protector

The flushing agents can be supplied in several volume packages!

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