When should you use a pressurizing unit?

Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with air-free system water. Most issues within HVAC systems are closely related to air being introduced into the system as a result of pressurization issues.

A poorly designed, installed or maintained pressurization system can lead to negative pressures within the circuit. The introduction of air through leaks or refilling the system with (calcareous) non-degassed tap water also makes corrosion inhibitors significantly less effective.

Prevent air intrusion in your system with a pressurization unit.

Increase performance with pressurization

Our SpiroExpand solution enables automatic pressure monitoring, control, and provides degassed makeup water. Adding a pressurization solution to our established degassing products makes it possible to provide a complete, integrated care solution for your system.

SpiroExpand can dramatically increase performance and avoid premature failure of major system components. Combine this together with dirt separation and degassing, it provides a system that performs the way it has been designed to.

SpiroExpand - Pressurization
Spirotech SpiroExpand

Our solutions for pressurization

SpiroExpand covers a full range of solutions, from the most basic setup to the most extended, complicated system. All units also provide additional degassing of the system water. Make-up water is degassed prior to system entry, offering substantial long-term protection. Not just for the commissioning phase, but for the entire lifetime of the system. SpiroExpand can dramatically increase performance and avoid premature failure of major system components.

Some of our SpiroExpand solutions are:

  • SpiroExpand PicoControl
  • SpiroExpand MultiControl Kompact
  • SpiroExpand Multicontrol Cool
  • SpiroExpand MultiControl Modular
  • SpiroExpand TopControl Modular
  • Expansion Vessels

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A vacuum degasser is necessary to meet VDI standard

When degassing, we recommend following the VDI 4708 and VDI 2035-2 guidelines. In order to achieve the best possible degassing performance in heating and cooling installations, a separate vacuum degasser is necessary in addition to often used deaeration function in pressurization systems’.

The degassing function available with many pressurization systems, will reduce air related issues in closed water circuits, but they cannot guarantee to reach a gas pressure which is lower than the lowest pressure in the system (gas absorption condition). This means a vacuum degasser such as the Spirotech Superior is necessary to meet the VDI guidelines for degassing and deaeration, and for prevention of damage in water heating installations.

More information on vacuum and pressure step degassing

Our assortment vacuum degassers

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