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maximising performance

High performance vacuum deaeration

Introducing the new SpiroVent Superior S400 and S600 models

Spirotech has completely re-engineered its fully automatic SpiroVent Superior vacuum deaerators. With increased performance and menu-guided commissioning, the S400 and S600 are now capable of servicing even higher system volumes than before. Furthermore, the new platform allows remote access and operation* via the cloud.

Quality guarantee

Increased system volume range
Integrated automatic refill system
Easy, menu-guided commissioning
Remote access
2 year guarantee

A vacuum degasser should be used for systems with many branches and a low flow velocity. However, these products are also an ideal choice when the system has a small temperature differential, or an inline deaerator cannot be installed. When it cannot be predicted where gases are released from the water or when that point has a very low flow rate.With the addition of the new SpiroVent Superior S400 and S600 models, the choice for the right vacuum degaser becomes even easier. Thanks to their fix pressure range (1 - 4 bar and 2,5 - 6 bar) the new products are optimised to perform as excellent at the top end of their peek pressure, as at the low-end of the scale.To help with the selection process, the following chart has been developed to visualize the difference between the various products in the Superior range.

360 view of SpiroVent Superior

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