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maximising performance


Spirotech is the leading expert in system water quality. We're a  family-owned company with over 60 years of experience in developing solutions to prevent and remove air and dirt in HVAC and process  systems, helping save energy, increase comfort, reduce wear and tear and maximise uptime. Regardless of the purpose of a system, or where it  may be installed – from a single-family home, to a major commercial  project or industrial process – our system solutions and custom advice  boost performance while saving costs.

Our total solutions are not limited to fittings and accessories manufacture, Spirotech also offers knowledge and information. Whether your project concerns a single-family house, a major non-residential structure or an industrial process, Spirotech helps you significantly improve performance.

Quality solutions

Our proven reliable standard and customised solutions boost performance  and protect investments. We offer best-in-class solutions for air and  dirt separation, system fluid analysis and design support. Our products  provide unique guarantee periods and save on time, energy and costs.  With our partners, suppliers and investors we create value with quality solutions in residential and non-residential buildings as well as  industrial processes. With our products and services we will continue to grow in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We will  continuously support our customers and partners in maximising energy  efficiency and avoiding unnecessary maintenance and maximise uptime. Our ongoing investment in quality and considerable research and product  development efforts support this.

A worldwide, customer-orientated organisation

Spirotech offers knowledge and information and has a highly responsive  worldwide customer-orientated organisation. Our head office, production facilities, in-house R&D, innovation centre and Dutch sales office  are located in Helmond, the Netherlands. We have further sales offices  in Germany, UK, Belgium and China. North American and Canadian  markets are served by our sister company Spirotherm Inc. in  Chicago. Spirotech is represented by an extensive network of selected  importers in over 70 countries.

Social involvement

Apart from contributing to energy savings and comfort optimisation through its business, Spirotech strongly believes in social involvement and continuously supports related charities and projects. Spirotech is  part of a global society and we understand that we derive our existence  from that society. For this reason we also feel we have a responsibility towards society and there where possible we make our contribution.

Past donations

Children’s Fund (The Netherlands)
Dorcas Foundation for human aid and development (The Netherlands)
Hospice Valkenhaeghe (The Netherlands)
KiKa Foundation for children’s cancer relief (The Netherlands)
KWF Dutch Cancer Society (The Netherlands)
Make-A-Wish Foundation (The Netherlands)
NVA Dutch Autism Association (The Netherlands)
St. Anna Hospital, Oncology department (The Netherlands)
Stop Brain Tumor Foundation (The Netherlands)

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