Spirotech environmental packaging management

Packaging management is essential to protect, preserve and improve the quality of the environment, protect human health, make prudent, efficient, and rational use of natural resources, and promote the principle of the circular economy.

Therefore, Spirotech bv is committed to the continuous improvement of both external and internal environmental performance through effective environmental packaging management.

We are aware that in our business activities, from development, production and distribution, various packaging materials are used directly and indirectly, and their improper use and disposal can cause environmental problems. Therefore, Spirotech promotes systematic packaging management according to the circular economy principle and strives to eliminate problematic or unnecessary packaging materials in the organisation.

To achieve these objectives, Spirotech bv follows the following guidelines:

  • Use reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging as much as possible and reduce reliance on single-use materials.
  • Eliminate the use of packaging that has an impact on the environment or unnecessary packaging through redesign, innovation and/or improvement of delivery efficiency.
  • Use packaging materials that are free of hazardous chemicals that are harmful to health and that should be safe for everyone.
  • Packaging volume and weight are limited to the minimum adequate amount to maintain product protection and that form suitable for transport is taken into account.
  • Encourages and supports packaging designers and procurement to use alternative packaging materials from certified renewable resources and bio-based materials to reduce the ecological footprint.
  • Meeting the requirements specific to recyclable packaging when the packaging is no longer reused and therefore becomes waste.
  • Raise awareness and stimulating positive behavioural change about sustainable packaging to employees, suppliers, business partners and stakeholders to reduce the use of packaging.
  • Cooperation with companies and the use of technologies that contribute to the circular economy for packaging materials.
Spirotech SpiroTrap MB3 packaging

Spirotech packaging policy statement

Spirotech follows the directives as established by the European Parliament according to 94/62/EC and 2018/852 regarding the management of packaging and packaging waste and the identification system for packaging materials.

The recycling code is an identifier that serves to characterise different packaging materials so that they can be properly sorted in waste treatment for reuse.