Save up to 13% on your energy costs

If you prevent air and dirt from accumulating in your heating, you will immediately save on your gas consumption. With a SpiroVent RV2 air deaerator and SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator in your heating system, you can save up to 13% on your gas consumption*.

Remove air from your heating and save gas and increase your comfort!

Where does the air in my central heating system come from?

Water always contains air. The amount of air varies, depending on the pressure and temperature of the water. When the water is heated in a boiler, air is released in the form of micro-bubbles. Air in a central heating system leads to all sorts of annoying phenomena. For example, it causes swishing and banging noises in pipes and radiators. Air is also often the reason why a radiator does not heat up fully, or at all.

Why is it advisable to fit a air deaerator?

The SpiroVent RV2 removes the micro-bubbles from the hot water immediately after it leaves the boiler. Further along the system, the water can take up air again and will burst the air bubble. The radiators will then heat up evenly again and the boiler will run as efficiently as possible.

SpiroVent RV2 Air deaaerator

Vent your central heating system easily with our SpiroVent RV2

  • Avoid the need for regular manual venting
  • Ensure radiators are always completely warm
  • 6% less gas consumption
  • Recover your costs within 2 to 4 years

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Prevent pollution and save on your gas consumption and protect your heating system

Where does the dirt in my central heating system come from?

The main cause of contamination is corrosion resulting from the reaction of (the air in) water with the parts of the system containing iron. Contamination in a central heating system consists mainly of harmful magnetite. A clear indication of the presence of magnetite is the installation water turning black. A build-up of magnetite deposits prevents optimal operation of the heating system and leads to excessive damage and breakdowns.

Why is it advisable to fit a dirt separator?

The annoying and sometimes costly consequences of contamination in the installation water can be avoided with a magnetic dirt separator. This dirt separator removes magnetite extra fast from the installation water. A system with clean water is far less sensitive to breakdowns and ensures that the boiler runs as economically as possible and that the pump uses as little electricity as possible. The magnetic dirt separator is advised by all well-known boiler manufacturers.

SpiroTrap MB3 - Dirt separator

Protect your central heating system with SpiroTrap MB3, our dirt separator with magnet!

  • Protection of costly parts
  • Reduce faults and downtime
  • 7,4% less gas consumption 
  • Recover your costs within 2 to 4 years

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How much can you save with the SpiroVent RV2 and SpiroTrap MB3?*

Type of residential property Avg. gas consumption** Gas costs** Saving after
1 jaar
Saving after
5 jaar
Saving after
10 jaar
Terraced house 1630 m³ € 1043,20 € 135,62 € 523,25 € 784,04
End-of-terrace house 1960 m³ € 1254,40 € 163,07 € 628,18 € 942,78
Semi-detached house 2040m³ € 1305,60 € 168,73 € 654,86 € 981,26
Detached house 2440 m³ € 1561,60 € 203,01 € 783,27 € 1173,66
Apartment 1060 m³ € 678,40 € 88,19 € 340,27 € 509,87

* The annual energy costs are proved by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and Kiwa GASTEC based on Dutch residential properties
** Source data: average gas consumption and price (0,64/m²) taken from