A good hydraulic balance

A long facade farmhouse from 1740 in Erp is equipped with hydraulic balancing, air and dirt separation in one compact unit. With the installation of this SpiroCross, Spirotech offers the possibility of connecting a combined heating system with radiators and underfloor heating to an 8 kW hybrid monoblock air-water heat pump from Atlantic and a central heating boiler - a modern installation in a historic farmhouse.

“The SpiroCross is located between the heat generators, heat pump and the central heating boiler, and the delivery systems, underfloor heating and radiators.”

A hybrid heat pump

The residents of the farm have opted for a hybrid heat pump to save energy in the early and late season and in this way also save on gas consumption. “The heat pump heats the house at an outside temperature above 4 ºC. The central heating boiler kicks in below 4 ºC,” says the resident. “The farm house has been modernised on the inside and is well insulated and equipped with balanced ventilation. The heat loss is therefore limited. Of course, this must all be in order before you install a heat pump, otherwise there is no point.”

“The SpiroCross is located between the heat generators, the heat pump, central heating boiler, the delivery systems, and underfloor heating and radiators. To allow the water to circulate properly, it goes from the heat pump to the SpiroCross and from there to the underfloor heating and radiators. Pumps ensure good circulation on both sides”, continues the resident.

"Once the balance has been found, there is almost no mixing of return and flow temperatures."

Constant low pressure drop

The SpiroCross can separate the primary and secondary side. "The pumps on both sides are not affected by each other," says the resident. “Hydraulic balancing, air and dirt separation are important in a heating system. When the balance has been found, there is almost no mixing of return and flow temperatures,” so, the temperature is maintained. That's the advantage of the SpiroCross.

“For example, there are two different circuits that ensure that the pumps cannot influence each other,” explains the resident. “The SpiroCross therefore keeps the pumps separate. There is a circulation pump in the system on both sides to bridge the resistance and to ensure sufficient flow. At the top is the air separator and at the bottom the dirt separator with a magnet that is clamped to the outside of the housing and captures the magnetic dirt particles.

SpiroCross AX-J Hydraulische verdeler met lucht- en vuilafscheider