SpiroVent -Brass -Hor -HighT+P

25 bar
Max 150°C

A brass (microbubble) air deaerator for high-temperature and high-pressure systems, with a ¾" - 1½" horizontal connection

The benefits of the AA/025 SpiroVent Deaerators

  • Applicable with 50/50 Glycol / Water (Volume)
  • Removes all circulating air and micro bubbles effectively
  • Applicable for high temperature & high pressure system configurations
  • Removes trapped air when installed at the correct location
  • Greatly reduces the need for manual venting
  • Constant low-pressure drop
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Connection diameters from ¾" (G¾) to 1½" (G1½)
  • Exceptional guarantee

Variation specifications


ETIM Specifications

The positioning of a SpiroVent air deaerator in the system

SpiroVent Air deaerators are preferably positioned at the hottest point of the installation, the point where the water leaves the heater or where the water enters the cooler.

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