SpiroVent -Brass -Hor -HighT

A brass (microbubble) deaerator for high-temperature systems (max. 180 °C), with a 22 mm - 1½" horizontal connection

Max 180.0°C

The benefits of the AA/002 SpiroVent Deaerators

  • Removes all circulating air and microbubbles effectively
  • Applicable with 50/50 Glycol / Water (Volume)
  • Applicable for high temperature system configurations
  • Removes trapped air when installed at the correct location
  • Greatly reduces the need for manual venting
  • Constant low-pressure drop
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Connection diameters from 22 mm to 1½" (G1½)
  • Exceptional guarantee

Product variants


Article number AA022/002

The positioning of a SpiroVent air deaerator in the system

SpiroVent Air deaerators are preferably positioned at the hottest point of the installation, the point where the water leaves the heater or where the water enters the cooler.