SpiroTop -StSteel -HighT

10 Bar
Max 180°C

Stainless steel air vent for high-temperature systems (max. 180 °C) with a ½" connection

The benefits of the AB050/R002 & AB050/R007 SpiroTop, fully automatic air vent

  • Used in high temperature system environments
  • Special valve construction ensures valve is closed completely
  • Long lasting valve seat
  • Solid plastic (TPX) or AISI 316, robust floats which cannot rupture
  • Applicable with 50/50 Ethylene Glycol / Water (Volume)
  • Large air gap between the valve and the water (at least 40 mm) prevents valve contamination and leaks
  • ½" connection prevents pipette effect

Variation specifications


ETIM Specifications

The positioning of the SpiroTop

Free air in a heating or cooling system always raises to the highest point in the installation (components). Therefore, the SpiroTop air vents always need to be installed at the highest point in the installation. 


Positioning of SpiroTop Air Vent

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