SpiroCombi MB3 -Brass -Magnet -Uni

A brass (microbubble) deaerator and dirt separator with a magnet and a 22 mm - 1" universal connection


The benefits of the UC (MB3) SpiroCombi deaerator and dirt separators with magnet

  • Combined separation system - removes circulating air and microbubbles effectively
  • Very small particles, from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm), are separated and removed
  • Including a magnet for extra protection and high efficient removal of magnetite
  • Dirt can be discharged while the system is in operation
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required
  • Applicable with 50/50 Ethylene Glycol / Water (Volume)
  • Improve cost control and energy efficiency
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • Connection diameters from 22 mm to 2" (G2)
  • Exceptional guarantee

Variation specifications


Article number UC022WJ

The positioning of the SpiroCombi in your system

The SpiroCombi should preferably be installed at the hottest point in the system. For a heating system, this is the point where the system water leaves the heater. In a cooling system, it should be installed in the return line, just before it enters the cooler.