SpiroTop Solar -Brass -AutoClose

10 Bar
Max 180°C

A brass automatic air vent - AutoClose for solar systems with a ½" connection

The benefits of the AB-FBA SpiroTop air vent

  • Specially developed for Solar (high temperature) installations
  • Applicable with max. 20% - 50% Ethylene Glycol and water (Volume)
  • Removes circulating and trapped air
  • Greatly reduces commissioning times
  • Minimal constant pressure drop
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Long lasting valve seat
  • Connection diameters ½"

The patented AutoClose function brings additional benefits

  • Prevents stagnation
  • Solar fluid will not prematurely degenerate
  • System will not boil dry via the air vent
  • No more climbing the roof to remove free air
  • Permanent air-free, efficient installation
  • Suitable for new and existing installations

Variation specifications


ETIM Specifications