The dry pocket for the SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi improved!

Our experts have improved the dry pocket of the magnetic dirt separator in the steel SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi units. As a result, these steel magnetic dirt separators are easier to maintain. The new magnetic dirt separators automatically extract (magnetic) dirt from system water in cooling and heating systems to prevent the yield of these systems to decline over their service life. The improved SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi models will be available effective from 1 January 2021.

Ease of installation and maintenance

The new immersion tube is equipped with a 360-degree rotatable drainage tap, which makes it easier for installers to position the drainage tap of the SpiroTrap and the SpiroCombi in the direction of a drain. In addition, the guiding mechanism for the pull cord insert used to remove the magnetic dirt has also been improved, making it less likely to become damaged. Both improvements enhance ease of maintenance.

Preventing corrosion

The quality of the system water is essential for maximising the yield of modern energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. These systems only perform to maximum capacity when the air and dirt are continuously removed from the system water. After a period, free air and air bubbles cause corrosion and oxidation, while dirt and other contaminants disrupt the flow. This causes heating and cooling systems to operate less efficiently, which in turn increases energy consumption.

The new dry pocket developed by Spirotech

Innovations to extend the lifespan of your installation

The experts of Spirotech have been developing innovative solutions that improve system water quality and extend the life of installations for five decades. In addition to the new SpiroTrap, SpiroCombi and SpiroCross models, also filling and cleaning systems that maintain water quality and specially developed additives. We also have our own laboratory to analyze water samples at a microscopic level for optimizing existing installations.

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