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maximising performance

SpiroTop automatic air vents

SpiroTop stainless steel automatic air vent for high temperature and/or high pressure system environments.

Automatic Air Vent

SpiroTop automatic air vents quickly and effectively remove free air and ensure fast,
reliable aeration when a system is drained. This prevents component damage and
system failure. Available for pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 200°C.

Spirotop is the reliable and worry-free solution ideal for:

• filling and draining systems
• making and keeping the highest points in systems air-free

Industry-leading 5 year guarantee

No valve contamination due to distance from water

Special leak-free valve construction

Extensive range of models

½" connection prevents bubble blockage


  • The special valve construction means that the valve closes completely
  • The special valve seat has a very long life expectancy
  • The robust fl oats are made of solid plastic so they cannot rupture
  • The large air gap between the valve and the water (at least 40 mm)
  • prevents valve contamination which is one of the main causes of leaks
  • The ½” connection prevents the pipette effect
  • Exceptional guarantee



Special - SpiroTop Stainless Steel Solutions

L=Weld ends, F=Flanged, M=Magnet
Article Number
Connections Material Material float Max. op. pressure
Max. fluid temp.
Packed per Delivery Datasheet
SpiroTop Stainless Steel Solutions for high temperature
1/2” int. AISI 316 TPX 10 180 65 112 12 +
1/2” int. AISI 316 AISI 316 10 180 65 112 12 +
Stainless Steel Solutions for high temperature and high pressure
1/2” int. AISI 316 TPX 25 200 65 112 12 +

+ DELIVERY TIME: ≤ 2 pc: up to 3 days, > 2 pc: up to 5 days

Custom - SpiroTop Stainless Steel Solutions

L=Weld ends, F=Flanged, M=Magnet

Next to the SpiroTop automatic air vents mentioned on this page, a wide variety is available for different temperatures and pressures. In case you cannot find the right one for you, we are happy to discuss a custom solution for your needs.


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SpiroTop - Manual

SpiroTop AB050/R002 - Technical Drawing

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