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Spirotech develops and manufactures innovative overall solutions for conditioning fluids in HVAC and process installations. Our products and services result in:

  • fewer malfunctions and less wear and tear,
  • faster commissioning and easier maintenance
  • higher efficiency and therefore lower energy consumption.

Systems perform best with clean water

Fluid based heating and cooling systems are sensitive to dirt in the system water. Today's generation of high-efficiency systems with energy saving components perform best with clean water. Especially magnetite removal is a key factor in maintaining the best energy performance.


Building on the success of the SpiroTrap MB2 and the many enthusiastic responses from the field Spirotech has developed a number of groundbreaking improvements. Result is not a slightly improved version, but a completely new concept. Most striking innovation is the removable magnet on the outside of the dirt separator.

Accessories, additives and advice for:
Spirotech’s Exceptional Guarantee Terms!
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