Spirotech’s pressurisation expertise now available online for free

Solving pressurisation issues in complex heating and cooling systems can be a real headache for installers and engineers. There might be many possible solutions, but how do you select the one that keeps your system running at its best, while keeping costs down?

The SpiroExpand Selection Tool

Every day we receive questions from professionals about optimising the performance of their systems using pressurisation. There are numerous possibilities with respect to system design, just as we at Spirotech have many different solutions for your applications. We understand very well the importance of selecting the right solution, so your system keeps running at its best while minimising the need for maintenance.

Therefore, that is why Spirotech is introducing its SpiroExpand pressurisation tool. This online tool is free and easy to use. In just a few steps, it guides you to your most suitable solutions, including product specs. With one single click you can save the product information on your computer or send via email.

Get more info about SpiroExpand and test our new tool