SpiroCross -Brass

10 Bar
Max 110°C

A brass hydraulic (microbubble) deaerator and dirt separator with a 1" - 1½" connection

The benefits of the AX SpiroCross dirt separator & deaerator with hydraulic balancing

  • Three functions in a single component
  • Just four connections instead of eight
  • Optimal hydraulic balance between primary and secondary pumps
  • SpiroTube guarantees minimal fluid mixing and thus the best temperature differential
  • Real, active deaeration and dirt separation
  • Even the tiniest air bubbles and dirt particles are separated and removed
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • Applicable with 50/50 Ethylene Glycol / Water (Volume)
  • Compact design and limited build height, thanks to the SpiroTube
  • Connection diameters from 1" (G1) to 1,5" (G1.5)
  • Exceptional guarantee

Variation specifications


ETIM Specifications