Today, we are still a family-owned business with a presence all over the world. Its dedication to providing the best solutions for you that help to save energy, increase comfort and optimize the performance of cooling and heating systems has gained Spirotech the reputation of a leading expert in system water quality. Not only by providing the best quality products, but also by sharing our knowledge and supporting you in any way we can.


The revolutionary Spirotube, developed by  founder Frans Roffelsen

Quality is not just a product feature, it is a habit.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Whether we are a manufacturer, distributer, specifier, installer, we all want to add value and provide an effortless experience for you.

Meeting your needs and being your expert partner, entails not only making high quality cooling and heating system products, but also offering excellent service and making sure our company is able to deal with future needs and challenges.

This means we will never stop trying to improve ourselves to create the best working place for our employees and the best customer experience. That is why Spirotech is ISO certified:

Social and environmental responsibilities

Spirotech does not only want to be a good employer or supplier. We take our contribution to society and the environment seriously and support various initiatives, alongside providing our energy-efficient products.

We are very much involved in the social and environmental challenges we are facing and support (local) initiatives and participates in projects that provide:

  • Health and wellbeing of people, medical research
  • Equal access to education and personal development
  • Protection of animals, especially ocean and sea life
  • Solutions for sustainable production and consumption