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Heating, cooling and air conditioning systems are complex, especially when integrated with other systems and processes, making fault-finding, analysis and problem solving especially challenging. Spirotech's experts would like to share their insights and offer an overview of common symptoms, causes and remedies. Just click on the wheel and follow the instructions.

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2. Solutions

System water always contains air, which can get in through (micro) leaks, especially when (re)filling or maintaining the system.


If not removed effectively this may lead to:

> deteriorating system performance
> unnecessary energy consumption
> corrosion
> damage to expensive system components
> system malfunctions
> or even total failure


Spirotech offers the following solutions for air related issues:

Deaerators and dirt separators

Air and dirt removal

Optimal air and dirt removal.

Available product range:




Air removal Deaerators

Continuous, effective system water deaeration and fast, easy installation at any angle.

Available product range:


Automatic air vents

Air removal Top

Fast, complete free air removal and venting for safer, more efficient installations.

Available product ranges:
SpiroTop, SpiroTop Solar


Vacuum degassers

Air removal Vacuum degassers

Fast, easy and complete removal of dissolved gases from system fluid.

Available product range:
SpiroVent Superior


Analysis and advice

Analysis and advice

Bringing professional water quality analysis within reach.

Available product range:


Additives & cleaners

Cleaning and protection

Flushing agents and additives for heating, cooling and process systems.

Available product range:



Hydraulic balancing

Hydraulic balancing with air and dirt removal

Low-loss header with deaeration and dirt separation for Remeha cascade frames.

Available product range:


3. Products

Whatever your heating, cooling or ventilation system challenge, Spirotech’s range of proven solutions and services will help ensure your new or existing system will soon be working safely and efficiently.

Use the filters below to select the right product(s):

  • SpiroCombi Magnet

    Optimal air and dirt removal. Available in standard sizes DN50 up to DN300. Larger connections on request.

  • SpiroCombi Brass

    Fast and effective, continuous removal of even the smallest micro bubbles and dirt particles. Available in connection sizes 22 mm (horizontal and vertical) and 1” (horizontal).

  • SpiroCombi Steel

    Fast and effective removal of even the smallest micro bubbles and dirt particles. Available in connection sizes from DN 50 upwards. Hi-flow and demountable models available.


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